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Our Philosophy

Karate not only teaches us how to defend ourselves, it also teaches us respect, not only for ourselves but also how to respect others.

Training not only strengthens our bodies but also our minds and teaches us patiences of spirit. Everything we learn in karate can also be applied to every aspect of our lives. Life is not always easy and can be demanding on you, karate can be the same but you learn to overcome the obstacles that are in your path.

The foundations of karate and the very reason we train is to improve ourselves, to work hard and take responsibility to make ourselves into someone of good character and integrity. To do our part in creating and shaping a better future for our world.

History of the Club

The Turangi Dojo was established in 1973 by Paul Burke who trained in England under Kanazawa Sensei.


The Current dojo head Mark Willis along with Alan Lawton ( now in Napier ) both trained with Paul Burke until he left in 1975. Joe Rowan who trained in the UK under Enodea Sensei took over the instructing until he returned to England in 1977.




 On Joe's departure, Mark Willis who was the senior graded student at the time took over the instructing. 1977 was also the year that the Turangi dojo joined JKA and instruction was taken by  Takahashi Shihan who was a 4th dan and has come to New Zealand twice a year ever since.  In 2006 Shihan gained his 8th dan from JKA.


Takahashi Shihan, 9th dan,

Chief Instructor, T.S.K.F 



Mark Willis,  Shihan, 8th Dan

Dojo head Instructor

Deputy Instructor T.S.K.F 





The Turangi Dojo has enjoyed many guest instructors from oversea's, such as Nakayama Shihan who celebrated his birthday in Turangi. Sensei's Tanaka, Nishimura, Sano,Yoshioka and many others, also many students and old boys from Aoyama and Komazawa Universities.























Komazawa University 



Left to Right

Joe Rowan, Paul Burke, Mark Willis.

Photo circ.1976-77


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